Micheline Marcoux


I'm Micheline Marcoux, a certified facilitator of " The Work of Byron Katie" and a certified facilitator of "Big Mind". I have spent thousands of hours and traveled all over the world during the past 10 years, to train in and practice these processes.

I offer training and support services to individuals, groups and businesses on  meditative processes that reduce stress and allow to discover new perspectives about various situations of life and  to bring more peace into them.  These processes allow us to realize and actualize one's full potential.  These services may take the form of workshops, individual sessions, customized services. The Work of Byron Katie and Big Mind are such extraordinary tools to reach these objectives and I respect the integrity of each process.

These processes of self-inquiry are an invitation to open our arms to everything that comes our way: thoughts, fears, beliefs, emotions, events... and to every aspects of us! It's an opportunity to shed some light on them and to see them be transformed by the delicate attention we put on them.

Nothing is too dark or too frightening to be investigated using these processes. It is possible to explore new perspectives for Everything! These processes have helped me make peace with illness, divorce, parental challenges and all kinds of stressful situations. As a parent, it has helped me to be more conscious and loving. These processes support my creativity, not only in my art, but in all areas of my life. They helped me heal wounds from the past. I am more at peace with my life, as it is.

The Work of Byron Katie and Big Mind are forms of meditation that allow me to come into contact with my own wisdom. I like that they are absolutely personalized to me or the person using them. It's an invitation to become intimate with oneself. I have been practicing these approaches on a daily basis for several years.

I started meditating and studying Zen in 2003. I have a bachelor's and master's degrees in speech therapy and have worked in counselling, education and human resources for 33 years. I am also an artist painter.

I love doing the Work of Byron Katie, Big Mind and TAT and sharing them with groups and individuals, in person or on Skype. It is my deep desire to share these fabulous tools that you can practice independently in your life and to support you to get in touch with your own wisdom.

If you are curious, want more peace in your life, feel free to contact me for a free discovery call and to get a glimpse of what these processes can offer you.           


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