Our orientations

We offer training and support services in The Work of Byron Katie and Big Mind. These are meditative processes that help reduce stress,  gain more peace and realize  and actualize one's potential.

You can book individual sessions with me, Micheline Marcoux,  in person or online on Skype or Zoom.

You can register to one of the workshops or e-courses we offer.

You can contact us to identify the needs of your business or group and discuss about customized offers.

Micheline Marcoux is certified to offer The Work of Byron Katie, Big Mind and Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT). We respect the integrity of each one of these processes.

These are inquiry processes that allow us to find new perspectives on problems and situations and allow us not to stay stuck in our limiting patterns of perception and of behaviour.

We don't offer therapy or specific advice on how to solve your problems. We teach you techniques to connect with your own resources and discover your own answers. You can then use them independently. This doesn't replace psychotherapy or medical treatment.

New perspectives, choice, freedom, equilibrium.... Freequilibrium.... Libréquilibre

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