The Work of Byron Katie

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The Work of Byron Katie, also called « Inquiry based stress reduction » is a simple and effective way to identify thoughts that stress you out or make you suffer and to investigate them, in order to discover their effects and explore new perspectives in relation to them.

A Simple Yet Powerful Practice

As we do The Work of Byron Katie, not only do we remain alert to our stressful thoughts—the ones that cause the anger, sadness, and frustration in our life —but we question them, and through that questioning the thoughts lose their power over us. The Work shows us exactly how to identify and question any thought that would keep us from being free and appreciating our life  

Whether it's conflict, stress at work, mourning, worries about our loved ones, our health, our body...

We ask 4 questions about your thoughts:

1- Is it true?

2- Can you absolutely know that it's true?

3- How do you react, what happens when you believe this thought?

4- Who would you be without this thought?

And then we find the "turnarounds", which are ways to explore new perspectives. One can turn the thought around to oneself, to the other and  to the opposite.

It's simple and it opens up worlds of possibilities.

Contact us for a free discovery session at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You'll find the information and tools to do the work on the website:

 "Byron Katie's teaching and everyday life are     pure wisdom, it shows us the way to inner peace, and she directs us there fearlessly, relentlessly and with utmost generosity."

Roshi Bernie Glassman.

"Byron Katie's Work... acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being."

Eckart Tolle.

You can get started by identifying the stressful thoughts to investigate in a specific situation, using this worksheet.

To learn more, don't hesitate to contact us. Micheline Marcoux is a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

A few researchs about The Work, also called Inquiry based stress reduction "IBSR"

A few testimonials:

“I have been working with Micheline on a weekly basis for several months. I feel beautifully held by her warm, loving and open presence and by her knowledge, experience and mastery of The Work. I find that I can go deep in my own work with her. I highly recommend Micheline.”
Michael Speraw, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I trust Micheline. She creates a safe space for me to go deep in my work. Using her intuition to ask the right sub questions at the right time, she guides me to discover insights about my limiting beliefs and stressful thoughts. She respects my process through the four questions and the turnarounds of The Work to help me see the wisdom and answers inside me.”  M.H.   U.S             

"Byron Katie's technique interested me, having heard Byron in a podcast. I was facing difficulties with health and communication in my couple, with 3 young children; it was a lot to digest for me. Life seemed more dull, despite my optimism and my meditative efforts. I read about Byron's technique and listened to her videos. It's inspiring and you try to do it yourself one night, but the mind takes you to an emotional stalemate, as it does so well. This is where Micheline comes in! With only a few sessions, my mind has been able to calm down and I now have tools to face the hard times. Micheline knows how to ask the right questions until the "piece" comes out! With gentleness, grace, but rigor, she helped me brought into light and question my underlying thoughts / emotions that were hidden in the initial thought. And Boom, realizing these nonsense makes a powerful inner shift. It literally changes how to see / analyze situations that otherwise were challenging for us. I'm really grateful that life put Micheline on my way. Thank you!"  V.B. Ontario


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