Big Mind

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Big Mind is a meditative process that allows us to investigate all aspects of our being. It's been developped by Zen Master Genpo Roshi. It is being used in many fields, including law, medicine, education, mediation, business, athletics and work with prison inmates, hospital patients and the dying.

All aspects of oneself are given a voice in order to know them, appreciate them and actualize their potential. One can explore each aspect of oneself and its opposite, in order to find oneself at the apex and to freely choose what is appropriate for each context.

This process allows us to get in touch with unsuspected resources available inside of us and with our true self.

You can find more information on the  Big Mind website

"A gift to many westerners who would  like to awaken and live in the  world with effectiveness and compassion."

Roshi Bernie Glassman

"The Big Mind process is an astonishingly original, profound ans effective path for waking up or seeing one's True Nature. It is such a simple and universal practice." 

Ken Wilber

To learn more, don't hesitate to contact us.  Micheline Marcoux is a certified Big Mind facilitator.

Video : Exploring yourself as you are (Genpo Roshi)

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