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Find more peace in any situation

Discover or deepen your practice of   The Work of Byron Katie,

No matter what situations or thoughts stress you out and make you suffer, the meditative processes we offer will allow you to reduce stress and feel more at peace. These processes allow you to discover new perspectives, connect with all your resources and find your own answers. These techniques can then be practiced independently

We offer training and support services for you or your company.



I want to share with you these wonderful tools that offer more peace and joy.             

Contact me to schedule a free discovery call, to learn more about our services and how they could be customized to meet your needs and those of your business. 

Micheline Marcoux

We offer Big Mind workshops. and TAT.

Micheline Marcoux is certified to offer The Work of Byron Katie, Big Mind and Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT).

Our next events :  Atelier Le Travail et Big Mind, en français, du 17 au 23 novembre, à Cayo Santa Maria : On line info meeting, on October 23rd, 7:30 PM  Click here for more details and to register

Atelier Big Mind, en français,  le 1er décembre, à Montréal  Click here for more details and to register

Big Mind workshop, in English, December 8th, in Montreal :  Click here for more details and to register